Poem sent by Andrea (Germany)


Just like an angel

Your blue skin shines like silver in the sun

you swim faster than my thoughts run

your eyes so bright and clear

you take away all people's fear

You say no word and we still hear you speak

you giggle without a smile and kiss ppl on their cheek

your thoughts may be heard without hearing any voice

you attract us by your beauty we have no choice

you make us smile, you show you care

we may not at times but with your being around we dare

with your beauty you take away all sadness and pain

we call you dolphin... may I give you a better name?

I'd call you angel with no wings that cannot fly

I'd call you angel which is sweet and shy

I'd call you angel which has no human voice

But we call you dolphin so I have no choice....


Thank you Andrea.

Hugs from DaniŽlle

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