Hi Danielle, I've got a story for you that i saw on tv.

(it's a true story!)

One day a child went swimming, the child was 5/6, he went all the way to the
deep part and he couldn't stand there, so he went down, when he was down
suddenly a dolphin came to him, he saved him and the dolphin became very famous,
but two mean thieves, that of course wanted to become rich decided to catch the
dolphin and then sell it, so that's what they did.
They had caught the dolphin but the little boy was still there. That little boy
went to help the dolphin because the dolphin had saved him too. Finally the boy got the
Dolphin loose from the net, as fast as they could they went to the ocean but when they
arrived there they saw that the thieves were there too, when the thieves saw him with 
the dolphin, they tried to take the dolphin away again, but this time they didn't succeed
the dolphin slammed his tail against the head of one thieve and bit the other thief in his arm
and then they lived happily ever after

Danny (10 years)

Dear Danny, you've helped me so much by
sending me pictures, and now a story.
Thank you very much.
Big hug from Danielle

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