Finally here's Aurora's story:

First off, i want to tell you that i always loved cars and animals for as far back as i can remember.
When i was young, i used to play with dolls, stuffed animals and toy cars. When i grew older, the
stuffed animals dolls and toy cars disappeared, but my passion for animals and cars remained.
My passion for Dolphins came around at the age of 16. I'll try to tell you a short story about my
life from getting my driving license till now with all my previous cars as returning items.

When i turned 18, i started my driving lessons right away and i passed the final driving test at
11-11-94. I still lived with my parents and my first car was already waiting for me thanks to my
dad. It was a cute, old Skoda. Shortly afterwards, my boyfriend and i started living together,
and i took the Skoda with me.
My boyfriend had his own car so i didn't have to depend on him to drive, which was good because
i loved to go for a drive often, alone or with my best friend (she loved driving but she didn't have
a license), for 4 years my best friend and i had a lot fun with the Skoda, but then the time came
when it was beyond fixing and it had to go.
Oh, i was so sad about that.

My dad had another car for me in 1998. This was my first Opel Kadett. A grey, 3 door, with a
hatchback, and a 1.3i engine. It didn't take long for it to become my favorite type of car, i just
loved the looks of Kadett. Again, my best friend and i drove a lot in this car and she got a
boyfriend who was studying to become an airbrusher. That's how the idea developed.
His first airbrush on my car was as soon as he finished his studies. I started this website at the
end of the year 2000, which helped me to decide that the airbrush for my car had to contain

After 3 years, the grey Kadett had to go too, but as my dad bought a new Kadett. I took his old
one in the year 2001, this was a white, 3 door, with a hatchback, and a 1.6i engine. This is the
period when i started designing the website. Unfortunately my best friend and her boyfriend
broke up, but he promised me he would still do the airbrush for me and at 01-20-2001 he gave me
a coupon for it as a wedding gift.

The year 2004 came with a lot of changes for me. My marriage ended in January and i moved in
with a good friend of my parents. Because of the website, I spend a lot of time on the internet in
the year 2001 and i found a lot of sweet friends on an IRC network. These people were the ones
who helped me through the divorce. These friends came from many different country's, such as
America, England, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Germany, etc.
My best friends were a Dane and a Norwegian, but feelings grew stronger between the Danish guy
and me. He decided to come to Holland and see if these feelings were true, and so they were and
we became a couple. The distance was no problem, as he also loved driving an Opel Kadett.
The first time i drove to him, i still had the white hatchback. But when i went back, i saw a white,
4 door, Opel Kadett sedan with a 1.6i engine. Which i bought after my dad gave it two thumbs up.
The Hatchback went back to my dad. By that time, i had to find my own living space as i wanted my
cats back. Due to a low income, i settled for a caravan and bought it on down payment.
After purchasing the caravan, it was a lot easier for my Danish boyfriend to come over.
Also, my best friend from Norway stayed over for a while.

The relationship with the Dane ended in November 2004. It was very hard for me to get over that.
I visited a friend in Finland, and later they came over to spend their holiday's with me in the
Netherlands. I also made drastic changes in the line of jobs i had. Until now, i worked at shops and
had one office job, and now i want my passion to become my job. I found my first job as a courier,
later i changed to transportation.

On the date 06-07-2005 i received a phone call from the garage owner where i always brought my
cars for maintenance. He said "Daan i have a Kadett here, it's really you. You have to come and see
it." and he was so right. For the first time, i fell in love with a car, and it was a purple Opel Kadett
GSI convertible. I yelled "SOLD!!!" and one hour later i drove of with my new love. Earned and
paid for all by myself, which was no problem, as i worked for a transport company at the time
and they paid well.

This company also gave me the chance to get my c-license. I got the chauffeur diploma in one try
and the truck license in two on the date 03-10-2006. After a year, i went back to the courier
company. By this time, my Kadett was already improved with an alarm system and a new blue/purple
convertible top. I knew for sure that this was the Kadett that would carry my dream, the airbrush.
A new design developed for the airbrush with colors that matched perfectly with my purple "dett".
In this period, i also had joined an Opel club and had been to some meetings.

On the background you can see the red Calibra

Through this club, i met Chris from Tilburg. He had a red Calibra. We fell in love and became a
couple on 08-29-2006. Shortly afterwards, we decided that he would come to live with me in
Zoeterwoude. A pond was made in the garden for some carps and sturgeons.

And then... one of the darkest days of my life dawned upon me.
I totaled my dett on the date 10-01-2007...

For two weeks, no one could make me feel better until my dad said "That car is total loss, only if
say so." My dett went to my dad so he could start the necessary fixes needed to get her rolling.
I borrowed a car from my dad, for as long as i needed it. But, still, i wanted to buy another car of
the same type for the parts. In the meantime, the Calibra was beyond fixing, so Chris bought an
Opel Omega station wagon.

A bit later, i found this convertible, but it was
too good of shape to use for parts. My mom
loved it so much that i decided to temporarily
drive it and give it to her afterwards. Sadly,
this didn't happen either, due to the very bad
technical state of the car. My dad bought her
from me so he could fix the problems.
Her name is Miami now, and she's patiently
waiting for my mom to get her driving license.