While my dad worked on my dett, to get it rolling (This took almost 1 year), i went searching for a
body shop, a garage, and an airbrusher (i lost contact with my best friends ex boyfriend). Thanks
to a good friend, i found a body shop. My dad knew an airbrusher, and nearby BMT couriers
(Where i work), was a garage named "Beukers". The complicated repairs were done at Beukers.
After a lot of backsets, my dett finally came through the MOT-test.

Afterwards, i brought her to the body
shop to fix the dents, get rid of all the rust,
and to have her repainted. This took one week
and then she had to go back to Beukers, due to
a huge problem with the brakes.

During that time, i met with the airbrusher, Richard de Weerd. I gave him my design and he got
very enthusiastic. Richard had not airbrushed for a long time and loved doing this one.
When Aurora came back from Beukers, Richard was very happy to start right away.

Richard took the bonnet home with him,
so he could quietly work on it. I saw it when
it wasn't done yet, but still, i got emotional
because the almost finished Dolphins were
already so gorgeous. I hugged Richard with
tears in my eyes and told him that his airbrush
was more beautiful then my design. Especially
the northern lights behind the Dolphins.
It was much more detailed... what an artist.

After the airbrush was completed, it had to get a good clear coating on all the parts. It was hard to
find a body shop willing to do that. "To high of a risk for it to go wrong." i heard that line many
times. Most body shops don't want to finish someone else's work, but thanks to a friend of my boss,
i got in touch with the body shop "Thema". These people allowed us to use their paint cabin to touch
up the airbrush and someone from Thema finished it with a couple of clear coats. Now Aurora looks
even better then before, see the results below.

Her name, "Aurora", came from the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) behind the Dolphins.
A Dolphin related name couldn't be done, as my nickname is Delphy Wallaby.

The hugging Dolphins also have a story. I designed it like that because, thanks to Aurora,
i joined the Opel club where i met my boyfriend Chris.

As you can see, only Aurora's nose has been airbrushed. There are plans to do the rest too, but
first, i'd like to have the interior fixed. All these plans cost don't come cheap. So, my main priority
is to save up money. If changes are are made to Aurora, i will certainly share it with you.

Aurora, me, my mom and Miami

From the bottom of my heart, my thanks go to:
Garage Beukers
Richard de Weerd
Body shop Thema